TAKAE: December 11th - Situation update

Posted by admin on December 29, 2013

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Today too the sounds of excavators were heard throughout the forest. What’s more, two ospreys flew around in formation for what felt like a small eternity. One word, noisy!


This was similar to yesterday, when two ospreys flying in formation touched down upon pre-existing helipads by the main gate before taking off once again.  Today in the afternoon too they flew in from the south and circled around our village above the elementary school. Hey! don’t you fly above the school!! Later they repeated landing and take-off by the main gate, and just as they headed off north somewhere and you think they might leave you alone at last, what’d you know, they come back and repeat the whole thing. All in all they must have been practicing for more than 2 hours. The engine roars were tremendous and covering the ears to no avail. Not even speaking to the person next to you was possible...that’s how loud it was!


Recently we’ve been happy to receive volunteers both from Australia, Korea and Vietnam, adding an interesting international twist to the sit-ins. Thanks for coming such a long way! Counting on you guys for tomorrow as well!