TAKAE: September 30th, 2013 - Construction workers make a dash for it

Posted by admin on October 4, 2013

Translated from: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/awamori777/e/cf21b566bad02aed52b4319f41089d41


“The construction workers stepped over the guardrails and forced their way into the forest, making their way towards the northern training grounds. The proper way of course is to enter through the main gate upon having received clearance by the guard, yet 8-9 construction workers ignored this and entered regardless. This is really nothing more than a repetition of the strategy applied when the first of the six helipads was constructed - needless to say, under instruction by the Okinawa Defense Bureau. Although Takae residents were already aware that the construction workers were coming, they simply didn’t have the numbers to intercept all of them. Three cars however were successfully stopped, in one a construction worker who had failed to make a run for it remained. Those who made it inside however will be accommodated in the base as they continue their work so there won’t be any new chances to intercept them until next time they attempt to enter/exit the base. This incident again showed how the forest of Yambaru and Takae residents’ lives can indeed be protected from new helipads had there only been more people to participate in the resistance. So by all means, please rush to Takae and lend them a hand!”

The rendition of a volunteer who participated in intercepting the construction workers

“Positioning ourselves on the driver’s side of the three stopped cars as to prevent them from getting away, I could hear Takae residents shout to the construction workers heading into the forest ‘Watch out! There are snakes, please come back at once’. The whole situation lasted for around an hour under the burning sun. Had we only had a few more people then surely we would have been able to stop the construction workers from escaping into the forest. It made me think about the frustration Takae residents must be experiencing from this seemingly no-ending  fight of resistance. Just before the police were about to run to the rescue (of the construction workers), we had to pull out because of other business in another place. At any rate, it seems the timing of my coming was right on spot.”car_3.jpgcar_2.jpgcar_1.jpg