TAKAE: October 24th - On-site examination of Takae helipads

Posted by admin on November 10, 2013

During the typhoon on the 24th, in accordance to the regulation of red-clay discharge prevention, the prefectural environmental protection department ordered an on-site examination of the area around the progressing N-4.2 helipad. This time’s conclusion was that upon surveying the aquatic environment, there were no problems detected in relation to the regulations.

As for the already completed N-4.1 helipad, it was announced that there is no danger of a repetition of the previous cave-in.

Although this time’s typhoon was more of a ‘wind-typhoon’ as opposed to a ‘rain-typhoon’, whenever there’s a typhoon or heavy rain there’s always the danger of landslide. As for the progressing N-4.2 helipad, when considering the immediate steep cliff on the eastern side, it’s geographically a reckless construction, something even the construction workers themselves agrees with.