TAKAE: October 19th - A visit to the prefectural office

Posted by admin on November 7, 2013

Translated from: http://takae.ti-da.net/e5471742.html


Yesterday we went to the prefectural office stating our demands.

We were joined by various members of Diet. From the Japanese Communist Party, Toguchi Osamu, Nishime Sumie and Tamaki Nobuko. From the Social Democratic Party, Nakasone Satoru and Nakamura Mio. Finally, from the Democratic Party, Arakaki Seiryo was kind enough to join us.

Starting with the daily protestors from Futenma, a large number of supporters gathered, all in all exceeding 35.


Although initially Prefectural Deputy Director General Oyakawa indicated the possibility of correspondence, seeing as this time’s demand was “to halt all construction work until a reassessment of the use of Osprey has been carried out”, the reply was flatly “on the prefectural level we’re not in the position to make such demands”. Upon having finished the meeting, the Prefectural Assembly offered us words of encouragement, saying that “even though the prefectural office’s attitude doesn’t offer much optimism, it’s important to continue. We’ll also be doing our best.”

Next week, 10am on October 25th , we’ll be going to the Regional Defense Bureau (Kadena City) with a proposition of protest. We’ll meet 9:30am in front of the Regional Defense Bureau.

Today there have been no signs of construction work, however what could appear to be the car of a contractor was spotted in the vicinity. Being short on people as always, it would be very reassuring to be joined by those available on the 25th.

A big thanks to all those who were kind enough to join us at the Prefectural office. See you again on the 25th!