TAKAE: November 5-8th - Field situation update

Posted by admin on November 11, 2013

November 5th

This morning before 4:00AM, three cars carrying construction workers headed for the helipad (estimated to be approx. 10 workers) attempted to enter the base through the main gate. However, the few sit-in members by the main gate managed to convince both the U.S. soldier about to open the gate and the construction workers to go back.

As of right now, there’s no work going on. We’re continuing the sit-in in the middle of this tense situation. Please come to Takae!

November 7th

This morning at around 3:00AM, four vehicles approached the main gate. Simultaneously the doors swung open allowing two vehicles to enter. The other two went back. From 10:15AM around the N4 district we could identify six construction workers and the sound of shovel cars. Even now the construction work continues. 

November 8th

Today too construction work has been carried out throughout the whole day. As a continuation from yesterday we could confirm the sounds of shovel cars.

Yesterday at 20:28PM , two ospreys were spotted circling the main gate clockwise at high altitude. This was repeated 12 times with a take-off and landing by the main gate’s helipad each time. At 21:20 they passed over Takae’s convenience store on their way back down south from where they came. For a little less than an hour, ceaseless noise filled the air. 

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