TAKAE: December 27th - Henoko relocation plans approved

Posted by admin on January 6, 2014

Original text at http://takae.ti-da.net/

Note about context: the original text was written with fellow Japanese as the target audience.


On December 27th the long postponed plans to relocate Futenma airbase to an off-shore location just outside Henoko were announced final and decided upon. Surely the construction of this new base that is to spoil the beautiful coastline of Henoko will bring calamity in various forms in the century to come.

here emotions take control and leaves me at a loss of what to say.

A great crowd gathered at the prefectural office to display their dismay over the prefectural governor’s decision.


Again I feel emotional. Can’t help to wonder how many times this kind of scenario has repeated itself over the years…

“a site for protest” isn’t something that someone prepares for you. It’s something that each and every one of us, you and I make together.

Takae’s site has been there now for 6 years and a half. A great number of people have gradually made it what it is. Our slightest flicker of hope in this difficult situation is that more and more people decide to get involved, whatever way you may be comfortable! At Takae, at Henoko, at Futenma, at the prefectural office… let’s keep up the good cooperation.

Today at Takae although several construction workers were spotted, there were no obvious signs of work being done.

With the still continuing downpours the risk of landslides is never out of the way.