TAKAE: December 20th - Situation update

Posted by admin on January 6, 2014

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At around 8:30am yesterday the sound of shovel cars could be somewhat heard, however afterwards the construction sounds subsided. While in the afternoon, the Prefectural Environmental Protection Agency visited the area to conduct an on-site examination related to the prevention of earth slides.

On that day we were also visited by a circling osprey around noon, which conducted several take-off and landings at the pre-existing helipad behind the main gate. Moreover, at around 8pm yet another osprey came in from the south flying north across the sky. The vibrations caused the glass windows of the cupboards to shake slightly.

Today around 8am we could identify numerous construction workers while also hearing the start-up of shovel cars. Not counting the lunch break, the shovel cars kept at it until around 15:30 while the construction work itself finished around an hour later. ..and what do know, today too a single osprey flew across the sky. It seems that ospreys are appearing ever more frequently. Why don’t you come over and add your voice to the “NO OSPREY!” protest? :)